Camilla graduated from Birmingham Medical School in 1990 and has 25 years medical experience.  Having been a full time GP and private medical officer she now adds private aesthetics / cosmetics to her portfolio.

Camilla is also a wife and mother of two boys and claims "feeding three chaps is a never ending feat!"

Happy to stand on the touchline when her two sons play rugby or support them in hockey and cricket.  As a family they enjoy golf together and even take clubs on holiday!  

Apart from friends and family staying at Cutford House, there are also sheep and her two beloved dogs that she loves walking across adjacent fields.

She states "my house is my home, and everyone is welcome"


Quick Contact


Dr Camilla Hill
Cutford House,
Holyoakes Lane,
B97 5SR

Tel: 07864 922 453
Email: dr@drcamillahill.co.uk



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