"I can not recommended Dr Camilla Hill highly enough.

I was very nervous about having any treatment after a bad experience some years ago and had decided to try to be satisfied with ageing and "grow old gracefully " but never feeling entirely happy, I luckily came across Camilla on the Internet and decided to go for a consultation.

She is completely professional and talked me through all the procedures available without any pressure.

I felt relaxed and at ease throughout.

My new look is completely natural and exactly what I was looking for. 
Thank you Camilla" 

Julie L


"I chose Camilla to do my first treatment. I was scared! I wanted better lips but not too big. My husband wanted them to be obvious if he was paying! Camilla advised me, corrected the asymmetry of the lips and plumped them up. She asked me what I thought towards the end and involved me in the finer details. I was happy and so was my husband. She had to walk a tight line to keep us both happy and she did it."

by Alice T - 03/09/16


"I went to Camilla to have some age lumps and spots removed from my face. i had put up with them for 15years. With 1 session of Plexr I looked like anew woman."

by Tracey D - 06/06/16


"I am 57 and have deep lines around my eyes and big eye bags. Camilla used Plexr to remove them. Normally it takes 3 sessions to achieve a result as good as surgery but I was actually happy after 1. Simply amazing."

by John W  - 07/09/16


"I have been seeing Camilla for over a year. She offers reassurance and confidence in her work. Her clinic is extremely private and all her qualifications are on display. She takes time to mark out the areas she is going to treat and permanently walks around the table to balance up both sides. She even shows you your face half way through so that you can have input on where you would like more. Simply excellent!"

by Lisa - 04/02/2016


"I have suffered with acne and scarring for a year. Dr Camilla talked me through the cause and treatment of the condition and gave me real hope that she could improve my skin.

She performed one session of dermaroller under local anaesthetic, gave me a course of creams and a home roller. After 6 weeks I have stopped erupting in spots, my skin is brighter and the scarring is 60% better. I am really happy. Dr Camilla is relaxed, confident and professional. I can easily recommend her."

by Charlotte - 18/12/2015


"I have recently had dermal fillers for the first time and was quite nervous. Camilla was very reassuring. She walked from one side of the table to the other checking for symmetry of my face as she worked. Towards the end of the procedure she asked me for my opinion and if I wanted more in certain areas or to just stop. I felt totally involved."

By Mary - 10/11/2015


"You know when you need Botox but knowing where to get it is altogether harder. I have visited several places, with varying degrees of success, but one theme which was common to all was that I didn’t feel comfortable with the process. It wasn’t that it hurt, it certainly didn’t, but having your face scrutinised by someone who is completely line free and quite judgemental of what you think is your best asset, well that does hurt!

A visit to Dr Camilla is so very different. She is the only person who ever took the time to talk to me, ask me what I wanted to achieve and then explain what I could actually achieve. She managed my expectations and although I am never going to look 25 again I can look quite young for my age which is what I wanted. I also feel comfortable that if I need to go back to ask any questions, I can, without any fear that I’m being any trouble.

Dr Camilla’s treatments are painless, conducted in a great environment by a lovely lady. I cannot recommend her highly enough"  

Lisa Millar, Senior Partner, Verus Wealth (a very young 48!)


"Any anxiety of the Genuine Dermaroller was completely unnecessary. Camilla is friendly but extremely professional.  The consultation was thorough, the level of hygiene high and I came away feeling thrilled.  Only a couple of hours later my face looked noticeably fresher than it has in a long time - I will definitely continue with this treatment.."

Gaye Williams - 50 years young!


"Dr Camilla Hill - one lovely lady who can reduce those wrinkles but believes we should keep our appearance as natural as possible ... I like that!  Great results Camilla, thank you!"


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